Music for Swimming


For Borealis 2021, I made a mixtape of my own electronic music sketches, to be used as a soundtrack for the people at Nordnes Sjøbad, an outdoor swimming pool in Bergen. The audience / swimmers could book a spot during the day and the music was playing for six hours, going on a loop. I was asked to put something together based on a piece for RUMMUR_radio that was broadcasted late autumn 2020, and with all the different sketches I have on my drive, I made this mixtape playing with the idea that the music is made by different people. Pretending that I'd found these tracks on cassette tapes in thrift stores and flea markets, demos and forgotten stuff from 80s Japan or California in the 70s.

In this video you can hear an excerpt from the mixtape around 00:30-00:55.

Parts of this mixtape will become a part of a new album!

From Borealis' website:

Sea swimming has always been important to Borealis, and there is nowhere better than at the historic Nordnes Sjøbad. As part of our Resonating Nordnes day, Borealis has commissioned a bespoke effervescent soundpiece for Nordnes sjøbad from artist and composer Jenny Berger Myhre. Living in Oslo, when she visits Bergen, whatever time of year, Jenny is happy to join the Borealis team for their weekly sea swim, and this scrapbook of sound for sea swimming is full of bubbling synths and Jenny’s quirky musical ideas to accompany your dip in the warm pool or the freezing sea!