Here Is Always Somewhere Else


“Here Is Always Somewhere Else”, a collection of sonic postcards, assembled in November 2020 - in a time where travelling is now out of the question. Sewn together by a voice correspondence between Jenny and her friend Camila de Laborde, this is a diary of recordings from travels in Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Palestine as well as at home in Oslo. Intertwining soundscapes, conversations and improvisations with some self-described quirky songs, Jenny offers this listening session as a portal to the sounds and encounters in these places.

The piece was commissioned by RUMMUR_radio in Bergen and broadcasted first only on local radio and later on

In September 2021 the piece was adapted for Ultima Festival for Contemporary Music and Mirage Art of the Real film festival, to be performed live as a radio cinema experience where the audience were allowed to close their eyes and travel with the sound through a 4-channel speaker system.

This work is ongoing and will be released as an album in 2022.

Photo from Ultima Festival 25.09.21 by Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard