_...-``-..._ Moon Relay _...-``-..._ live at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Visuals by Anthony Barratt and Espen Friberg.

Music by Moon Relay.

Sound recorded & mixed by Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard.

Documentated & edited by Jenny Berger Myhre for HOK and Moon Relay.

Mats Eilertsen - "Tundra"

Directed & edited by Jenny Berger Myhre, containing archive footage from "Free and Easy" (A Jam Handy Picture), "Turbulence" (by The National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films).

Lost Girls - Feeling (EP trailer)

Directed & edited by Jenny Berger Myhre, in collaboration with Lost Girls (Håvard Volden & Jenny Hval)

Jenny Hval - Female Vampire.

Directed, filmed and edited by: Jenny Berger Myhre

Art Direction by: Lasse Marhaug

Concept by: Orfee Schuijt, Lasse Marhaug, Jenny Berger Myhre and Jenny Hval

Performed by: Jenny Hval, Orfee Schuijt, Anja Lauvdal, Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck, Ingrid Haakstad, Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas, Marianne Skjeldal

Listen to Girl live session filmed and recorded Desember 2017

Christian Winther - guitar, vocals Ina Sagstuen - vocals, synth, percussion Andreas Winther - drums

Filmed and edited by Jenny Berger Myhre

Additional films by Christian Winther

Song and sound recording by Christian Winther

Broen - Pride

Choreography: May Stene Fossheim

Filming, editing, directing: Sigurd Ytre Arne & Jenny Berger Myhre

Clothes: Isolated Heroes

Styling: Heida K. J. Mobeck

Hair & Make up: Myrtoula Røe

Mixing: Nick Terry

Mastering: Noel Summerville

Produced by Broen

Jo David Meyer Lysne & Mats Eilertsen - Åpning

Filmed, directed and edited by Jenny Berger Myhre

Additional footage from

From the album "Meander" on ØRA FONOGRAM

Jenny Berger Myhre is a multidisciplinary artist who works with music, video, photography and performance.



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